1. noemie

    YouTubers calling each other sociopaths

    Uh oh new YouTube drama, shane the victim face manipulator calls Logan Paul a sociopath. It really reminds me of the spiderman meme, haHAA. Because ALL YouTubers have to get into their audience's mind, know how to trigger their emotions and interests, then make videos, they don't really feel...
  2. W

    Shot dead with one line - YouTubers Edition

    keel a personality with one line of words. This is more of a more insightful roast, don't actually try to ruin them, know where to draw the line.
  3. W

    List of content creators that has gone to a dark path

    There is a difference between content creation and content curation. Play happy wheels --- content creation Do funny comedy skits --- content creation Do science experiments --- content creation Create drama --- content creation Flex with mommy's credit card -- content creation Review Reddit...
  4. bobRoss1

    Glink Lawsuit

    Guy has a voice that's sound like a whining beta cuck, always "comment" on Twitch streamers like he's been the face of Twitch before.
  5. W

    These commentary channels have been popping up like crazy. ... What is going on? It's interesting how people just love to see other people stand on the...