1. ChefBigDog

    Google is conducting a mysterious test

    These are 2 versions of the YouTube banner that are Live right now!!! If you're seeing one, clear your cookies and open YouTube again, if you don't see it then try again, I guarantee you will see these two different versions of YouTube banner. I just did. This is called A/B testing, used to...
  2. W

    Every bad unboxing is lamer than the last iDubbbz

    So normie, more and more family friendly, feels like Jasksfilms not the style of original cancer crew. The comment section has been detoxed, don't know if it's because YouTube has filtered them all or the original audience just creeped out and normies rolled in, or the original audience love...
  3. ngalex

    Why is YouTube recommendation not as good as before

    It used to be so relatable, I could organically discover memes and personalities I discovered Maxmoefoe FilthyFrank IdubbbzTV HTB through recommendations. Now it's so 💩, I get 1 satisfying video every 2-5 clicks into Recommended videos on the side bar, waste of my f🅰️king time, I have to...
  4. ChefBigDog

    The database of everything you're not supposed to know

    I have been using YouTube 20+ times a day for the last 9 years There's One thing I am sure of: YouTube is actively filtering and arranging videos to make me dumb. 6 years ago I could see things I had never seeeeen, listen to opinions, events and history that were sharp and obscene. I thought it...
  5. W

    Why Pewdiepie losing to T-Series is a good thing

    The earlier people realize the "You" centered community platform has been completely undermined by mainstream entertainment, the earlier people will walk out of the delusion that they have still have a voice on the internet. Subbing to Pewds is merely feeding your own denial. When an individual...
  6. ngalex

    Who owns LinusTechTips(Linus Media Group)?

    Is this a real channel started from grass root? How is it possible that a single man became one of the biggest Tech Medias on the planet? All the mainstream Tech Medias right now were bootstrapped by traditional media, the Verge, WIRED, TechCrunch, Business Insider. Am I suppose to believe...
  7. K

    Meet Never Give Up, the pity party YouTuber

    YouTube recommended me this dumb 🍑ss video "Me teeth are f🅰️ked up" This guy has an entire YouTube channel that's about pity partying, Jesus what has the internet become. Guys please tell me what you think about him, am I alone in this? Am I the weird one for calling it out or what, I...
  8. ngalex


    Look at this screenshot: On TBS's channel, all the recommendations are from TBS channel, not any other channels, this is only happening on the trad media's channels, not any individual's channel. I mean it's bad enough the community channels don't get recommended enough, now this, the...
  9. ngalex

    I discovered YouTube's secret comment feature

    Some comments require you to click Read More to unfold, some comments are automatically unfold, they require you to click Show Less to hide. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Why does this feature exist? Why are some comments automatically unfold? It is very convenient isn't it? Thank you for unfolding...
  10. W

    Why is YouTube allowing Tik Tok ads? Counter intuitive?

    Wouldn't that move the YouTube active users to Tik Tok, the other video sharing platform? Smashing your foot with a rock? Executives squeezing the last bit of juice out of YouTube to meet quotas? YouTube is like selling Tik Tok the rope it would use to strangle YouTube right? Also what up with...
  11. noemie

    How is Stephen Colbert even remotely funny?

    #3 on trending like what the f🅰️k, every day I open up a new tab, this motherf🅰️ker is on trending. It only has 800k views, that's so low on YouTube. And he's not even that funny, did his writers used to work at the biscuit or the cardboard factory? Every joke is dry AF. 90% of the jokes are...
  12. noemie

    Pewdiepie and the enemy image (T-Series)

    Remember before 2015 Pewdiepie was THE most hated stereotypical YouTuber? Whenever someone starts a gaming channel, you would think "f🅰️king Pewdiepie wannabe". Even Leafy often joked "is he the next f🅰️king Pewdiepie or some 💩"? The general community with the slightest intelligence didn't...
  13. bobRoss1

    Repzion looks like a rat

    He is a rat 🍑ss hate wagon jumper, whenever there's drama on YouTube or something that the public have expressed their clear opinion on, he makes a video critiquing the "bad guy", acting like he's the batman, but actually he's the scummiest person of all, he's just milking views. Lately he...
  14. Morte

    YouTube polling users "How is YouTube today" after receiving Rewind backlash

    Opened up a tab you'll get this poll from YouTube. I can't get this poll on signed-in account, I had to open up a window with no cookies to get this. Why is that? Maybe YouTube has been analyzing my comment, thumb up downs, and watch history to know my opinions, no idea, but that's what I f e a...
  15. noemie

    The end of YouTube drama

    2006 There used to be plain YouTube users talking 💩 to each other using videos. 2008 Then only YouTubers started beef, no user did that anymore, or those videos aren't discoverable anymore. 2011 Then YouTubers didn't start beef that much, there had to be drama channels aggregating the beefs...
  16. W

    Common lies told by content creators

    Guys comment down below what lies you have heard again and again from your favorite YouTubers. "I am so excited" "I think..." (They don't tell you what they think, they tell you what they want you to think)
  17. Morte

    Toxic comments on YouTube are disappearing

    I made quite a few trolling videos, basically people were so triggered, they leave toxic comments, like ratio is like 10%, f🅰️king hilarious. I remember something like "are you f🅰️king retarded", "did you bash your head with a brick?". Today I checked, all gone, those comments are ALL GONE...
  18. W

    Why does YouTube keep recommending me the same videos?

    I don't click on the obviously clickbait videos or some crazy 💩, they're not informative or entertaining, they're just interesting enough to most of the population. Oh wow I care about a dumb dog and Ramsy 💩ting on garbage chefs for the 500th time. None of this is real or remotely...
  19. ngalex

    The conspiracy of demonetization

    If there aren't as many advertisers because the content being edgy, why not lower the CPV? Supply and demand, but I have never heard of super cheap Adwords, all I've heard is Adwords being more and more expensive for advertisers and less profitable for content creators...
  20. noemie

    Why are p🚻rnhub's comment so much better than YouTube's?

    Better jokes, no false positivity, no political idiocy, no circle jerking. What the actual F! Why just why?