1. bobRoss1

    Oxymoron today: Twitch Thot Got banned

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I thought the definition of Twitch Thot was a bimbo b🚺tch that has no talent or nothing except for a pair of tits that get sanctioned by Twitch's management or policy. Is HelenaLive a thot? She's not the kind of bubblehead, well she spoke the truth in the first video...
  2. C

    Tyler1 refuses to do variety stream with GreekGodx NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    5:20 Greek holds a f🅰️king cigar telling tyler1 they should stream variety together from now on and take over the internet hahaaaah, tyler1 refused. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AUTISTIC SCREECHING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY YOU SO STUBBORN TYLER1? You're already shadowed by greek 14k vs 25k viewers...
  3. ChefBigDog

    Is Dr.Disrespect still relevant?

    Does anyone count how many times Dr.Disrespect has uninstalled H1ZI or PUBG or Fortnite? Every time after he uninstalls it, saying never playing again or something rage, he reinstalls it one day later, WTF? The trick is getting old. Also, every time Doc gets keeled, it's never his fault, he...
  4. ChefBigDog

    Evolution of loltyler1

    Saw this video in my recommended list today, it's a video of him checking his own scuffed history, I thought to myself: Is he so reformed and normie now he needs to dig up old content and RECYCLE IT? Not you too tyler... Can't believe he became one of them. I suppose you guys know who tyler1...
  5. ChefBigDog

    Defending Alinity?

    First of all, I am not white knighting. Bring on the evidence: Basically: Alinity tried to copy strike Pewdiepie's video, because Pewdiepie used her clip and called her T H O T, then Pewdiepie contacted YouTube and the strike is removed. Then Alinity used Pewdiepie's clip, and she got copy...
  6. G

    Dafran's voicelines

    WTF EZ clap Let's go dooood
  7. E

    Why are there so many Twitch compilation channels on YouTube?

    There are ones that just cut clips from Twitch and stitch them together. There are also ones that add some special effects and memes. It's so flooded half of my recommendations are compilations Why?
  8. noemie

    Dr. Disrespect Rebranding

    Blood boiling Red theme => Gender neutral pink theme Slick Daddy club => Champion's Club Addition of "Miss Assassin" Avoidance of crude language Well prepared comeback after "cheat on wife" Everything seem to be interlacing together, what is the purpose? What do they mean? What kind of normie...
  9. Morte

    Normie reaction AWWWWW

    Go full screen look closer on the left corner 13:01. So Crippical. Greek, come on man, hope you are being ironic, is there any chance that awwww is acting? Then act Greek, act! Show the normies how relatable you are, haHAA. I know he's suffering inside, the platform is smothering him, he...