1. W

    Why Pewdiepie losing to T-Series is a good thing

    The earlier people realize the "You" centered community platform has been completely undermined by mainstream entertainment, the earlier people will walk out of the delusion that they have still have a voice on the internet. Subbing to Pewds is merely feeding your own denial. When an individual...
  2. Morte

    BREAKING NEWS MaximilianMus declaring WAR on Pewdiepie

    Pewdiepie has censored the phrase "Oh yeah yeah" across his channel. MaximilianMus just declared war on Pewdiepie: Well well well the self-proclaimed community-friendly Pewdiepie decided to keel a community generated meme "Oh yeah yeah", which was started by a master troll MaximilianMus...
  3. noemie

    Pewdiepie and the enemy image (T-Series)

    Remember before 2015 Pewdiepie was THE most hated stereotypical YouTuber? Whenever someone starts a gaming channel, you would think "f🅰️king Pewdiepie wannabe". Even Leafy often joked "is he the next f🅰️king Pewdiepie or some 💩"? The general community with the slightest intelligence didn't...