1. noemie

    Doxing rules?

    When people on Reddit screen shot conversations, sometimes they cover all the usernames to prevent things. Is it a must on Crippical?
  2. noemie

    Rules to gain Reddit karma

    Come early If a thread has already got a bunch of up votes and comments, don't bother, your comment will not be seen. Attach yourself to get exposure Attach to the comment that has already had a head start, agree with some humor. Don't try to have "smart" opinions Never post or comment on...
  3. Morte

    You need to be registered to file lawsuit. (Reason)

    Normie Court forum is more serious than the other forums. You need to know the person enough to file normie court lawsuit, not just asking the question of "is he a normie". You also need to be committed to the case you filed. Guest are just chilling, sometimes they are just saying, so nah.