1. ChefBigDog

    Who could have seen this coming?

    "Low-effort news site" They put that at the back of the sentence but it's the primary reason references are removed. You got to think about what the "low-effort" jargon means. Yep Reddit is starting to censor non-mainstream new sites, you can't share articles out of the allowed scope of...
  2. ngalex

    r/dankmemes is gone?

    The sub reddit that used to pander right is now completely left? It still has the remanent pepe pic But the content is trash pro-vax memes? global warming memes? obvious social media commercial memes? Who posts these kinds of memes? These memes have tens of thousands of upvotes but only less...
  3. W

    r/Futurology is very suspicious

    Popped out of nowhere 13.7 million subs, 10.1k users online very little action on the sub Reddit compared to a 1m sub Reddit Goes to front page FREQUENTLY 1/4 of the posts are censored Immediate deletion on comments(1-2 second) if the comment is unfit...
  4. W

    The new Low of Reddit: reacting to the Guardian

    YIKERS Never thought they would stoop THIS LOW 2 years ago Redditors would've ignored the Guardian post on Reddit because it's too mainstream, now they're eating it up. Reddit has become a media that sits between the public and the mainstream media. Guess what, the media won't be stupid enough...
  5. bobRoss1

    Oh man r/dankmemes changed

    It's been a year, two years? since I last visited r/dankmemes, good times, let me just revisit real quick. Lisa Simpson lib-raging? 69 joke? 60k upvotes? 90% upvoted? WHAT WHAT, WHAT THE f🅰️k WHAT THE f🅰️kKKKKKKKKKKKKK WHAT THE f🅰️kKKKKKKKKKKKKK WHAT THE f🅰️kKKKKKKKKKKKKK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...
  6. ChefBigDog

    How to bypass Reddit censorship and see real comments and posts

    Go on any sub Reddit or comment section, replace r in the with c, boom, it shows the restored version, the red ones are Reddit censored.
  7. noemie

    Capitalizing Reddit upvotes

    I found out there's a thing called Medium, basically people pay a $5 subscription, they can upvote medium articles, according to the upvote distribution, Medium give that $5 to article authors, while taking a cut. Does this look suspicious? Basically it's a circle jerk, someone wrote a Medium...
  8. Morte monkaS

    PewDiePie's let's play happy forum is gone dude. As PewDiePie became a Reddit curator his fan base followed him and dumped the old forum. The prophecy is true. Monka f🅰️king S dude.
  9. snakehand no!

    The cringest man on the plane jerked by Redditors

    I did a reverse image search, it is not new, it's actually stolen from a facebook post 2 years ago, and has been reported by foxnews Yeah I am sure it's on YOUR flight u/julieeea . If you look at the...
  10. ChefBigDog

    Tanking materials on Reddit

    You know when someone has posted a YouTube link on Reddit before you on a certain sub Reddit, Reddit tells you it's already posted. It would make sense that Reddit may give a duplicated link low initial quality score to make sure it doesn't surface like the previous one, in order to discourage...
  11. noemie

    After you realize what Circle Jerk is

  12. W

    What's the difference between Crippical and r/DownvoteTrolling?

    They're trolling, they have more members. They're like neo realizing the matrix and continuing living in the matrix, wearing a shirt with "I know the matrix" on it, and uses his superpower to grab a drink.
  13. M

    Trolling Reddit normies, let me show you how

    LOL, can't believe this site actually exists, you guys are doing pretty good, but I think I can do even better, I am an experienced troll. Let me show you how it's done.
  14. ChefBigDog

    So the execs sat in the office - How Reddit rose to the top

    So the executives sat in the office: What if, we create a website that allows publishers to post links to their articles, so we can be the front page of the internet, they get some traffic, we get some traffic?
  15. Y

    Reddit milking: r/loltyler1 sentiment

    I was just repeating what I saw on tyler's stream that would make people go "ikr", no creativity what-so-ever. Tyler's used to be glad he could stream now he's making a living out of it and doesn't want to lose it, the transition is destined. I know there are a lot of people that love the old...
  16. noemie

    Rules to gain Reddit karma

    Come early If a thread has already got a bunch of up votes and comments, don't bother, your comment will not be seen. Attach yourself to get exposure Attach to the comment that has already had a head start, agree with some humor. Don't try to have "smart" opinions Never post or comment on...
  17. Morte

    Is the CringeAnarchy ironic in itself?

    Before you watch I did this not because I am a normal f🏳️‍🌈g, but because I have found there are normies rotting inside the CringeAnarchy community Which made me question the state of the sub. So I decided to do some undercover investigation. I'll see if they...
  18. snakehand no!

    CringeAnarchy gone normie?

    Overused reCaptcha robot joke combined with Zucc >> 54 upvotes