1. S

    How come every single YouTuber before Pewdiepie died off while Pewdiepie still lives

    Strange?? His show is so dumb, his YouTube channel is so meaningless. He seems to be the enemy of the wsj and buzzfeed, people say he drops "red pills" and he's not racist, but I have a feeling it's staged otherwise YouTube would've thanosed him, just slowly stopped recommending his vids. He is...
  2. W

    Pewdiepie seems scared

    In Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme video, he seems scared straight, so unnatural. Is it because he's using a teleprompter for the first time there's some large men standing near by
  3. W

    Why Pewdiepie losing to T-Series is a good thing

    The earlier people realize the "You" centered community platform has been completely undermined by mainstream entertainment, the earlier people will walk out of the delusion that they have still have a voice on the internet. Subbing to Pewds is merely feeding your own denial. When an individual...
  4. Morte

    BREAKING NEWS MaximilianMus declaring WAR on Pewdiepie

    Pewdiepie has censored the phrase "Oh yeah yeah" across his channel. MaximilianMus just declared war on Pewdiepie: Well well well the self-proclaimed community-friendly Pewdiepie decided to keel a community generated meme "Oh yeah yeah", which was started by a master troll MaximilianMus...
  5. noemie

    Pewdiepie and the enemy image (T-Series)

    Remember before 2015 Pewdiepie was THE most hated stereotypical YouTuber? Whenever someone starts a gaming channel, you would think "f🅰️king Pewdiepie wannabe". Even Leafy often joked "is he the next f🅰️king Pewdiepie or some 💩"? The general community with the slightest intelligence didn't...
  6. ChefBigDog

    Pewdiepie related agenda

    zzO/Eca2ZkhKCJucU3tet8NfCZxr8Os9q+YgM6DhpHLrb+i0XoXmSJd+tRWMmsol uXO8AHUn+lpC9S98kIenq1+GxTE8v+wzWA915jxNTB6yFgEQZu0w8mF070ABMfxX L0beNTOqzSZnxat6IasS9IOPOUwJ1Jd5YKmwUKPLe17yDIRyDj/IS07MqsFjLQcK LZl5GhH1h8xK0GLRGxdJxb85VobE71A+6veNDFBwLPYqtZSr6auG3iSmXt+kVPF8...
  7. Morte monkaS

    PewDiePie's let's play happy forum is gone dude. As PewDiePie became a Reddit curator his fan base followed him and dumped the old forum. The prophecy is true. Monka f🅰️king S dude.
  8. W

    Reason why Pewdiepie grows long beard then shaves it

    He does it all the time, it has come to a 4-month cycle. Is it because his content is so bootleg and repetitive, he has to grow beard then shave it to make people be like: Hey that's pretty fresh! (while the content doesn't change)
  9. ChefBigDog

    Defending Alinity?

    First of all, I am not white knighting. Bring on the evidence: Basically: Alinity tried to copy strike Pewdiepie's video, because Pewdiepie used her clip and called her T H O T, then Pewdiepie contacted YouTube and the strike is removed. Then Alinity used Pewdiepie's clip, and she got copy...
  10. noemie

    DoubleMoose trying to profit from memes

    That's the game Pewdiepie is promoting in every video he makes recently, clearly the publishers want a piece of that meme related demographics. They ruined wojak as well "Memes" >That's so relatable "Buy my generic game that is not about memes" >OK
  11. ChefBigDog

    Why Reddit loves Pewdiepie now?

    When Pewdiepie was a let's player, creating his own content, Reddit were like: f🅰️k this guy, he's just appealing 10 year olds, bro fist my 🍑ss Now that Pewdiepie steals content from Reddit and curates it: He so funny, let's make memes for him