1. Morte

    Dafran is getting mainstream guys, get ready for the normie influx

    I love watching dafran because he throws Not many people dare to do that on stream, although he's been more cautious about throwing to avoid Reddit rage, he's still stands out with his attitude and personality. But recently he joined Atlanta Rein, and I noticed a lot of normies in the comments...
  2. noemie

    Soldier 76 is a gay, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    What are you talking about business insider? You trying to "influence" me somehow? Dying game trying the last stunt to become relevant. Blizzard you f🅰️king f🏳️‍🌈ggot.
  3. ngalex

    Irrelevant game Overwatch makes new movie with black Santa

    Every character is so typical, Reaper is just too Reaper, Tracer is just too Tracer. With a black santa, yay....
  4. noemie

    Seagull the face of Overwatch BMs Overwatch

    He totally right but entertainers aren't supposed to think. You know what happens when entertainers start to think? Censored, de-platformed, contract terminated, or mysteriously keeled. He is supposed to shill the game until it dies, while making a wholesome profit off of normies. Does he know...
  5. ChefBigDog

    Overwatch is encouraging teen suicide

    You know when your whole team died, and you're the only one left, what do you do? Jump off the map and keel yourself! So the enemy team doesn't get alt charge, or so you can spawn together with the team. This is a compilation of baby d.va trying to suicide, so the player could spawn with the...
  6. G

    Dafran's voicelines

    WTF EZ clap Let's go dooood