1. noemie

    The true fall of Keemstar?

    So keem said ImJayStation portraying black santa in a negative way is bad, and the creator of that video should be de-platformed. Original vid: Woah did keem really say that? When I was 12 I loved to watch Keemstar because he was the most savage man on YouTube, I loved him because I was tired...
  2. ChefBigDog

    Test of Flanderization

    We should have a valid testing method of whether a YouTuber/Reddit thread/Streamer has gone flanderized, and the fanbase is brain dead. YouTuber: Make a "deleted video of A", with the same style of video and content, using his past voice recordings and re-edit it into a new video Find a similar...
  3. Morte

    The Normification Process