1. ChefBigDog

    Putting camera in the fridge

    Look at this c🚺nt, film himself flipping a switch, puts camera in the fridge, close the fridge, opens the fridge, pretending nothing happened, take stuff out, closes the fridge, opens the fridge, takes out the camera. haHAA everything's cringe 12 btw keel me
  2. W

    Maxmoefoe has gotten f🅰️k off fat

    2016 2017: Lose some weight you f🅰️king fat c🚺nt, I'll scrub some grease off your neck and rub it on your face. Why c🚺nt? Why you gotten fat? You're supposed to vomit it out not swallowing it.
  3. A

    Cake trilogy by gay brothers

    The cake trilogy, quality content Atrocity the gay brothers created back when family-friendly wasn't a thing.