1. ngalex

    Where the hell is Maximilianmus recently

    The funniest YouTuber that hasn't turned into a complete f🅰️king tool Dafran changed now there's only Maximilianmus WHERE IS HE Upload NOW
  2. Morte

    BREAKING NEWS MaximilianMus declaring WAR on Pewdiepie

    Pewdiepie has censored the phrase "Oh yeah yeah" across his channel. MaximilianMus just declared war on Pewdiepie: Well well well the self-proclaimed community-friendly Pewdiepie decided to keel a community generated meme "Oh yeah yeah", which was started by a master troll MaximilianMus...
  3. Morte

    KSI will not win the Oh yeah yeah battle

    So MaximilianMus made a video telling his subs to change the profile picture to Deus Ex guy and spam "Oh yeah yeah". Oh yeah yeah This is the greatest comment spam since Leafy's HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, HOLY 💩 So the intersection of Max's sub and KSI's sub decided to spam Oh yeah yeah on...