1. ChefBigDog

    Evolution of loltyler1

    Saw this video in my recommended list today, it's a video of him checking his own scuffed history, I thought to myself: Is he so reformed and normie now he needs to dig up old content and RECYCLE IT? Not you too tyler... Can't believe he became one of them. I suppose you guys know who tyler1...
  2. noemie

    Tyler1 is more and more like a Reddit cuck

    Remember tyler1 gave no 💩 about his Reddit saying they're just complaining no matter what he did? Now tyler1 is complaining about League of Legends saying devs are stupid and he will never play it again. "It sucks playing this 💩 but I'm f🅰️king addicted so I can't quit. I'm done, I'm...
  3. Y

    Reddit milking: r/loltyler1 sentiment

    I was just repeating what I saw on tyler's stream that would make people go "ikr", no creativity what-so-ever. Tyler's used to be glad he could stream now he's making a living out of it and doesn't want to lose it, the transition is destined. I know there are a lot of people that love the old...