life hack

  1. ChefBigDog

    How to not be a complete idiot on the internet 2019

    If you don't know these you are a complete idiot Privacy Set DuckDuckGo as default search engine, Google knows too much about you, they will f🅰️k you in the future Use Ublock Origin (better than adblock) plugin to block all ads, Adblock Plus is becoming a f🅰️king sellout. If sites won't let...
  2. ChefBigDog

    Chefbigdog's life hack

    LIFE HACK!!!!!!!!!! These life hacks are scummy, they're bad and they hurt people, mokay? Some of them will hurt rich people, some of them will f🅰️k nobodies like you. I suppose you can use these life hacks if you are poor and think society hurt you first, but give back to society after you...