1. Morte

    Is it ok to call someone gay?

    When you see some gay 💩 online, and you're a mad lad, you might comment "gay", "are you gay", "f🅰️king gay". Well, if you happen to do that on Reddit, lul, you're probably going to get some negative karma. But there is some unfair logic behind that. People downvote you assume you're...
  2. ChefBigDog

    Should a gay person be proud when I call him f🏳️‍🌈ggot?

    Well if he's yelling he's proud of himself, I suppose I can call him a f🏳️‍🌈g. Why won't they just believe in themselves? The neo nazis are still proud of themselves and stubborn like a mule when they're being called white supremacists.