1. W

    Guys the new game Anthem is out

    Looks pretty sick I like the green one Can't wait to play with you guys
  2. W

    GamersRiseUp is so stupid

    There's a sub Reddit about it, Pewdiepie is saying it. I don't play games often and I am not good at gaming but I think it's just sooo stupid. You know how much of an oxymoron that is? The point of being a gamer is to immerse oneself in the fantasy one subjectively prefer and not rise up in the...
  3. noemie

    Identifying a Let's Player

    How to accurately identify a Let's Player (a kind of content "creator")? I know he would say "let's" do something, plays through fresh games. Sometimes he has some personality and makes me forget that he is a soulless let's player that consumes my time for money. What are the accurate...
  4. noemie

    The new Spider-man game feels like there's no freedom at all

    The animations look so epic and recorded, feels like I couldn't actually accomplish it using the controller, and the computer is doing it all for me. It used to take skills to do combo, now I'm just pressing trigger.
  5. ChefBigDog

    Gamer vs Memer

    When video game was considered a sin, nobody called people who play games "gamers" Then video game got mainstream, even grown-ups started to play it, the news called them "gamer", and I remember me being 12 yo getting annoyed by people calling me "gamer", trying to sell me gamer graphics card...
  6. Morte

    Why do people hate Fortnite?

    There's just so much hate on Fortnite, saying it's what 12 yo plays. Some have transformed to accept it, some have not. I have observed Twitch chat and YouTube comments for a long time. This is a think process of a typical hater: Another H1Z1 copy? Pshhh. It's getting popular, people are so...