1. Morte

    Unity banned me (suspended)

    Yo guys, here's a quick lesson on free software, you guys know Unity, the game engine? Thought it was FREE so I downloaded it sometime ago played a bit and sat idle, look what they pooped out today: Oh I remember what happened, I changed my motherboard. WHAAAAAAAAAATTT? Now I can't log on to...
  2. ngalex

    Yandere Dev is about to crack

    He asks people whether they want him to debunk drama. Please vote yes. So there will be more drama for entertainment. Let get ROY into the news! #DramaAlert #TeamKeemstar #GoodGuyKeem MAKE HIM RESPOND TO DRAMAAAA! Get him a seat on DramaAlerttttttt!
  3. W

    Just a gaming hypothesis

    Make a badly designed video game with player interactions as core mechanics. People start to complain: This is a 💩 game, mechanics horrible, characters are not balanced, I die out of nowhere, this game is a f🅰️king casino, f🅰️k this. Release patches: Players are too toxic to each other, which...
  4. W

    Why is it cool the play scuffed games?

    Some people play RuneScape or World of Warcraft or NES games and it's suddenly cool, like, what?