1. Morte

    Why do people hate Fortnite?

    There's just so much hate on Fortnite, saying it's what 12 yo plays. Some have transformed to accept it, some have not. I have observed Twitch chat and YouTube comments for a long time. This is a think process of a typical hater: Another H1Z1 copy? Pshhh. It's getting popular, people are so...
  2. W

    So the executives sat in the office

    So the executives sat in the office and said: What if, we make a PUBG, for kids, and sponsor the grown-ups to play it so it seems cool.
  3. snakehand no!

    Fortnite intro cringe contest

    Submit the cringiest Fortnite intro down below Top 3 gets $20 giftcard. Admin comment: if you think this is real then you are a very Very special boy.