1. noemie

    The end of YouTube drama

    2006 There used to be plain YouTube users talking 💩 to each other using videos. 2008 Then only YouTubers started beef, no user did that anymore, or those videos aren't discoverable anymore. 2011 Then YouTubers didn't start beef that much, there had to be drama channels aggregating the beefs...
  2. noemie

    Ever wonder why tech review channels never get into drama?

    Commentary channels get into drama all the time, but why don't tech review channels ever get into drama?
  3. noemie

    YouTubers calling each other sociopaths

    Uh oh new YouTube drama, shane the victim face manipulator calls Logan Paul a sociopath. It really reminds me of the spiderman meme, haHAA. Because ALL YouTubers have to get into their audience's mind, know how to trigger their emotions and interests, then make videos, they don't really feel...