dr disrespect

  1. ChefBigDog

    Is Dr.Disrespect still relevant?

    Does anyone count how many times Dr.Disrespect has uninstalled H1ZI or PUBG or Fortnite? Every time after he uninstalls it, saying never playing again or something rage, he reinstalls it one day later, WTF? The trick is getting old. Also, every time Doc gets keeled, it's never his fault, he...
  2. noemie

    Dr. Disrespect Rebranding

    Blood boiling Red theme => Gender neutral pink theme Slick Daddy club => Champion's Club Addition of "Miss Assassin" Avoidance of crude language Well prepared comeback after "cheat on wife" Everything seem to be interlacing together, what is the purpose? What do they mean? What kind of normie...