1. ChefBigDog

    Shill your crypto time

    My favorite: Monero Private coin, I don't need all the other features, I just want a private coin that stores value Very nice👌
  2. ChefBigDog

    Yesterday Bitcoin jumped 17% during April Fools

    Really not interested in crypto now partly because I finally dumped my EOS bag, mostly because I'm worried about the winter and shrinkage of credit and stuff like that, I don't think crypto is the solution, once the winter comes, debts will still be replayed with money instead of...
  3. ChefBigDog

    Craig Wright is a con man

    So he said he's the real Satoshi, but he can't even sign his messages with Satoshi's private key, and he can't even log on to bitcointalk as satoshi, he doesn't even have the account. What he's syndicating however, is "Satoshi's vision", he said the block size should be increased to 1TB...
  4. Morte

    What is the point of decentralization if you need to join a mining pool to profit?

    Concerning the blockchains. There're only a handful of huge mining pools that you can join if you decide to mine Bitcoins and stuff to even make profit. This means the few people that control the mining pool can control the entire crypto networks, if they form a quorum, they can decide whose...