1. Morte

    Deprecating Google Analytics

    I've been using Google Analytics on this website. Honestly I just don't feel right, Google is just too big and they know too much, maybe I should stop feeding this huge snake. I know my friends on this site are ALL using adblock or some sort, they're not normies. If you don't use adblock, then...
  2. Morte

    Dilution of the Crippical core is dangerous

    I feel Crippical has been diluted by something
  3. Morte

    I am so f🅰️king done

    Saw this video today, I thought I'd test it out. Seriously dude!? Oh my god I am so done. Behind CNBC, NYTimes, Space, the Verge, USAToday. Seriously? Their site don't even include keyword "Crippical", they don't match title, and they're not the freshest. What the f🅰️k is going on? I remember...
  4. Morte

    Best of Crippical 2018

    Guys ctrl+c v the best post or comments in Crippical down below. It's been a fun year.
  5. Morte

    Ooga booga me can't read

    I have analyzed user behavioral flow on Crippical, turns out, people scroll through text, but stop scrolling on images. people look at pictures longer than they look at words, especially when there're words written on the picture. Interesting isn't it? We shall start an experiment, from now...
  6. noemie

    Request to add "would you rather section"

    It'll be interesting. For example: Would you rather keel a puppy and get uploaded to Reddit, only to found guilty for being a pedo. Being a pedo and get uploaded to Reddit, only to found guilty for keeling a puppy.
  7. Morte

    Sell me a rope

    You know when you visit a site, and you have adblock on, the site comes up with some cheap pathetic 💩 that asks you to turn off adblocker? You know what I'm talking about. I found this on a site. Look at this 💩. Seriously? They literally put a black dude looking at you be like "c'mon...
  8. noemie

    Hey admin what's for?

    @Morte I was wondering, our domain is right? But I see is pointing to Isn't .com a more well known top level domain? Why do you want to use .org?
  9. Morte

    Reopening of Troll Base

    Yes it's back! Now it's under Mind Games section. A few thoughts of how it should be done: It should revolve around evilness and fun. I think it kind of picks up on Dr.Disrespect's lost character. This reopened section is full of manipulation and evilness, everyone in here is a villain that...
  10. Morte

    Crippical server upgrade success!

    Site Speed Oh yeah! I have fully upgraded, now it's containerized and can be scaled to multiple origins as a swarm on demand. It's fast as f🅰️k boiii! This is us: curl -w "@curl-format.txt" -o /dev/null -s "" time_namelookup: 0.004 time_connect...
  11. W

    Is the Crippical Origin even real?

    The origin addresses some issue and it's damn right, but it seems to have nothing to do with the core of the various forums on Crippical. I mean if you look at the forums, they basically go in-depth into the details of content and supports manipulation of mind. The origin seems too "ikr"...
  12. Morte

    Punishment title added: "Brainlet"

    To make fun of typical users from Reddit: They agree with some humor, do circle jerk and supportive 💩 only, no really thoughtful stuff added to conversation. For example: Look at all his comments. I don't want Crippical to be infested with...
  13. Morte

    Troll Base is being shut down?

    The troll base section was launched with the site, now I have shut it down to think more about the status quo of the site. Don't get me wrong, I built this site to support trolling, I didn't shut down the section for the love and positivity and 💩. It's just that I have noticed what's in the...
  14. Morte

    Bad things to do on Crippical

    I don't like rules but there are things you should know that are inherently bad, they're the fundamental flaws of online communities. No punishment will be made, even if you have done it. If you're trolling on these at least break the 4th wall or reveal yourself to the victim afterwards. I'll...
  15. Morte

    Crippical YouTube channel launch?

    I feel like if we're doing content related stuff, we might as well have a YouTube channel, but I don't know if it is a good idea or how to properly launch it. The channel is probably going to have no views what-so-ever, like most YouTube channels, I don't know man. I think the channel shouldn't...