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  1. noemie

    YouTube has finally eliminated time in the comment section

    I f🅰️king knew this would happen I f🅰️king knew it when they changed precise date to "2 month ago" "1 year ago" The point of this is to make users lose time awareness, in order to: 1. so users spend more time on the platform 2. keep users as ignorant as possible
  2. ngalex

    I discovered YouTube's secret comment feature

    Some comments require you to click Read More to unfold, some comments are automatically unfold, they require you to click Show Less to hide. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Why does this feature exist? Why are some comments automatically unfold? It is very convenient isn't it? Thank you for unfolding...
  3. Morte

    Toxic comments on YouTube are disappearing

    I made quite a few trolling videos, basically people were so triggered, they leave toxic comments, like ratio is like 10%, f🅰️king hilarious. I remember something like "are you f🅰️king retarded", "did you bash your head with a brick?". Today I checked, all gone, those comments are ALL GONE...
  4. noemie

    Why are p🚻rnhub's comment so much better than YouTube's?

    Better jokes, no false positivity, no political idiocy, no circle jerking. What the actual F! Why just why?
  5. Morte

    YouTube comments that are guaranteed to get upvotes

    What comment do you post on YouTube to guarantee upvotes.