1. noemie

    Best click baits of all time

    Holy 💩 B is longer? How? Why? I must click! haHAA you're not baiting me
  2. noemie

    Titles of "You won't believe ..."

    There are so many titles like this on YouTube, I guess when YouTube provides people with a incentive to make money, lies just fly. . YouTube was so innocent back in 2011, then all changed.... From an evil stand point, It's funny to me how these channels manipulate f🅰️king noooooob masses. I...
  3. Morte

    Film Focus is a genius YouTube channel

    His channel The narrator of the channel has a good mic, it's so f🅰️king professional, he is ready to hustle. Looks like he just quit from a media company or something and started this genius clickbait channel. He baited me so...
  4. Morte

    Clickbait vs comment count vs like ratio

    YouTubers always say give this video a thumbs up, leave a comment, what do you think of...., leave it in the comment below. I'm like f🅰️k off c🚺nt, you can't even read all the comments, you don't care about me, stop asking for good engagement metrics to rank up your channel. But the question...