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  1. ChefBigDog

    Shill your crypto time

    Fluffypony left monero so you were saying?
  2. ChefBigDog

    Democracy vs Republic vs Monarchy

    I choose The right of ni🅱️🅱️ers??
  3. ChefBigDog

    Shill your crypto time

    My favorite: Monero Private coin, I don't need all the other features, I just want a private coin that stores value Very nice👌
  4. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    That is it, that is literally it Very simple I like it, I can imagine doing it on a lake
  5. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    >t-that's just atmospheric refractions
  6. ChefBigDog

    Goodbye reCaptcha?

    You having hard time getting recaptcha anon? Don't worry, shills love it, just use residential ip pool service
  7. ChefBigDog

    Science bimbos

    Here's a few pseudosciences I find retarded Fusion Relativity Quantum theory Particle physics "Electricity" Data science Whenever I find people teaching these I know they are in deep 💩, the reason why a lot of women are in place to teach these is because they're easy to fool and are...
  8. ChefBigDog

    I'm gonna COOF

    f🅰️king Coronahoax, you kidding me? People die from flu naturally, you telling me China hasn't got people dying from normal flu, out of 1.4 billion that would be a pretty significant number. This is just for shock testing your dumb asses for The flu
  9. ChefBigDog

    Joe DMT Rogan

    I heard you can see demons when you take it, you will be touched by unclean spirits
  10. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    The globe earth model is a theory from the prediction of the sun the stars and the moon, not the other way around, even ancient Sumerians used the star to navigate, but they didn't "know" the earth was globe
  11. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    So I would know
  12. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    What about the sun, the stars, and the moon? Using them as optical anchors, their position is predictable
  13. ChefBigDog

    Is NFKRZ a normie

    He's funny when he stomps alt right clown channels or ideologies that are easy to pick on but if he were to criticize a guy who knows what he's talking about, oh boy is he going to look like a useful idiot.
  14. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    My idea is Using inertial vector and gravitational vector measurement This requires 1 gyroscope and 1 accelerometer and 1 magnetometer. Measure the gravitational vector and inertial vector at one location, move to another location, measure again, if the difference of the 2 vectors is big...
  15. ChefBigDog

    A way of proving curvature/flatness of earth

    Without using water level I've seen so much about flat earthers vs scientologists debate, but they're all flawed >muh bedford level experiment >th-that's mirage/atmospheric refraction I want you guys to come up with a method, an electronic method, or an optical method, that does not involve...
  16. ChefBigDog

    Was Terry A Davis right? (TempleOS)

    You know how BIG the die would have to be just to run a 200k line Verilog, that your compiler just pooped out? It's better to use FPGAs as additional modules, oh wait they already have that on AWS and Azure.
  17. ChefBigDog

    Hey d♠️ckholes

    No, "at least I was born POOP"
  18. ChefBigDog

    Was Terry A Davis right? (TempleOS)

    Maybe when the Gallium Nitrite (GaN) or some crazy computers comes out we can redesign the whole architecture, but right now with silicon, more instruction set is better. My vision is more instruction set per core, more cores, more cache for servers, and for desktops, they should be ASIC thin...
  19. ChefBigDog

    Was Terry A Davis right? (TempleOS)

    Listen I've developed a few Apps SSE MMX work fabulaously, sometimes you need SSE3 or AVX2 and tune the compiler to run a profile on the programs and compile optimally in O3 and it is fast as f🅰️k. We're talking about vectorising programs to finish many instructions in ONE cycle. If you try to...
  20. ChefBigDog

    Why would the writers of Bible lie?

    I also have a few questions, don't know if anyone can answer. Why do Christians worship the cross that Jesus died on and his dead carcass? And why do they drink the blood of Jesus and eat his flesh? What's with the wine and cookie??? I only read a few passages of the Bible and I remember God...