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  1. haHAA12

    The alt right is dumb as f🅰️k

    Imagine this they want it done right but what do they do they be nazis bruh the windmill sign wasn't that original they helped to build is real v3 pagan peepee worship they didn't even turn on the gas if hitler was totally right wouldn't have God helped him already wouldn't there be signs and...
  2. haHAA12

    Just saw the joker movie and it's trash

    First of all he's not the Batman joker at all, he's redesigned Let me spoil it for you in a sentence. Some pathetic perverted clown went crazy because the society is too harsh on him so he freaked out and keeled some prominent figures, then he's portrayed as the hero because he speaks for the...
  3. haHAA12

    Leafy's latest activity, brother revealed?

    The "featured" section of his YouTube page changed to Crisp The title was briefly "Little sister" And in Crisp's insta That's leafy right there throwing some signs
  4. haHAA12

    The power of money?

    Why do people need a lot of money? It seems everyone is in dire need of it, and it's never enough, but why???? As long as you live comfortably why do you want money you don't need? Now you can pirate all the books, games and movies and stuff on the internet, you don't even need money to feed the...
  5. haHAA12

    Nice job Project Veritas

    So basically the way Project Veritas wants everyone to think is "Oh, actually Google should be classified as a publisher because..." Hehehehehhh, nice job.(sarcastically) After they get the gov to classify Google as publisher, the gov will classify every website as a publisher, so the website...
  6. haHAA12

    What are these weird makeup YouTubers?

    James Charles and Jeffree Star They all look the same They are SUPAR gay They're all super fake They look like monsters They look horrible without makeup YouTube is promoting the hell out of them, I don't even like them but YouTube constantly recommends them to me. They're the kind of people...
  7. haHAA12

    Finally some solid YouTube alternatives bit If you visit these sites you will immediately notice something different, you will feel less meaningless entertainment and more education.
  8. haHAA12

    NOOO Jeff Quitney was kicked off of YouTube

  9. haHAA12

    Alternatives to shadbase?

    Shadbase is becoming a lame gay normie meme site. Here's a few shadbase alternatives sites. sick people: basement dwellers: or pirates: (unlock all patreon p🚻rn)
  10. haHAA12

    The racist black b🚺tch is gone 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

    And the peaceful silence Inner peace
  11. haHAA12

    Guys any ideas for building a thread bumper?

    I have an idea, post article of that I want to use to influence a website generate bot comments that are somewhat relatable to bump that post make sure my post is always ranked top for exposure subtract all comments with the bot comments I made to train my bot to generate more relatable...
  12. haHAA12

    First black hole pic, is it real?

    A processed image from a world wide network of radio frequency telescopes that is supposedly "a black hole" I bet you can massage anything out of that amount of data, you want the 👌 meme, they can give you the 👌 Theories from the authority are more important the discoveries, if Einstein ever...
  13. haHAA12

    Something weird about Thanos

    The Thanos from the Avengers Infinity War? This movie is really different. There's no doubt Hollywood is making a villain an understandable hero, this villain has emotions and good intentions, it is rarely done and it's beautifully done. Thanos's intention is to wipe out half of the population...