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    Science bimbos

    Recently YouTube recommended me a lot of "science girls" professors teaching ADVANCED PHYSICS I'm like not 5Head or whatever but even I can tell they're just bimbos put on stage to look good and to bull💩 Not only do they sound "smart" but stupid(bimboish), also the physics theories they...
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    ok filthy frank

    This image will change your perception about filthy frank Forever forever forever if you know what to look for...
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    Ol boy I can't wait for Christmas

    Yeeeah I'll say happy Christmas to everyone including kajoojoos, in their faces, none of that "happy holidays" garbage, cause I'm the real OG I'm the real OG I'm the real OGGGGGGG I never liked Christmas too much though because I knew Cocacola invented Santa, so that's disheartening
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    Billie Eilish has highlighter on her head

    She spilled anti-freeze on her head She also looks weird and ugly She also looks 30 She also has small eyes like chinese when she's relaxed She also looks like a druggie(oh I guess it's cool now but she honestly looks f🅰️ked up homeless without her outfit) She also laughs weird She also...
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    Why would the writers of Bible lie?

    OK I got this question: If the writers of some mysteries religion were to lie, obviously it would make you search for the light within it, you have to pay your dues to be enlightened, the more lie there is the more money it generates. If the writers just tell you what it's all about up front why...
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    This is it guys the platform has died

    Remember that really skinny skeleton/bat girl on YouTube? That girl leafy ranted on? Well her name is Eugenia Cooney, and the top mainstream personality channel on YouTube, shane, interviewed her for the last drop of content YouTube still has right now. I say this because she's not really a...
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    I figured out why they have to censor dirty words on TV

    How the TV show hosts never swear but speak progressive? There are some people in the world that want to corrupt other people's culture, they want to transform them from well behaved god worshiping population into money worshiping monkeys with no culture or moral. I noticed how the conservative...
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    NOOOOOOO Rick and Morty is back

    Season 4, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S BACK THIS NIHILISTIC FAMILY DRAMA SHOW IS BACK CRINGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >cringe >unfaithful and immature nihilism >forced drama >forced mainstream catchphrase memers haHAAA >flanderization Just. Die. Already.
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    Pewdiepie seems scared

    In Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme video, he seems scared straight, so unnatural. Is it because he's using a teleprompter for the first time there's some large men standing near by
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    Memes are dead, stop it, get some help

    Memes are in the junior high exam, "create a math meme" STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!
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    Every bad unboxing is lamer than the last iDubbbz

    So normie, more and more family friendly, feels like Jasksfilms not the style of original cancer crew. The comment section has been detoxed, don't know if it's because YouTube has filtered them all or the original audience just creeped out and normies rolled in, or the original audience love...
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    Why Pewdiepie losing to T-Series is a good thing

    The earlier people realize the "You" centered community platform has been completely undermined by mainstream entertainment, the earlier people will walk out of the delusion that they have still have a voice on the internet. Subbing to Pewds is merely feeding your own denial. When an individual...
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    The new Low of Reddit: reacting to the Guardian

    YIKERS Never thought they would stoop THIS LOW 2 years ago Redditors would've ignored the Guardian post on Reddit because it's too mainstream, now they're eating it up. Reddit has become a media that sits between the public and the mainstream media. Guess what, the media won't be stupid enough...
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    Guys the new game Anthem is out

    Looks pretty sick I like the green one Can't wait to play with you guys
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    Shadbase in a nutshell

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    GamersRiseUp is so stupid

    There's a sub Reddit about it, Pewdiepie is saying it. I don't play games often and I am not good at gaming but I think it's just sooo stupid. You know how much of an oxymoron that is? The point of being a gamer is to immerse oneself in the fantasy one subjectively prefer and not rise up in the...
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    Why is YouTube allowing Tik Tok ads? Counter intuitive?

    Wouldn't that move the YouTube active users to Tik Tok, the other video sharing platform? Smashing your foot with a rock? Executives squeezing the last bit of juice out of YouTube to meet quotas? YouTube is like selling Tik Tok the rope it would use to strangle YouTube right? Also what up with...
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    Seriously what has "the Simpsons" become?

    I saw the last episode It's season 30 episode 30. Basically the story line goes like this: Lisa and Bart want a big screen GL brand 9k TV as Christmas gift, Marge goes to Walmart during the Black...
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    Is demonetization an act of theft?

    It's demonetized non-safe content that are interesting, they make the audience stay at the platform, so the audience can be fed monetized content. How to interpret this? Let's say there're two types of content: Content of interest, controversy, and value Content of social media garbage...
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    Common lies told by content creators

    Guys comment down below what lies you have heard again and again from your favorite YouTubers. "I am so excited" "I think..." (They don't tell you what they think, they tell you what they want you to think)