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  1. ngalex

    What is Human Right?

    I know property rights copyrights and so on All the rights above are rights to own But what is human right really? Is it just a play on worlds by the elite saying "you think human rights are your 'rights', but it's actually our rights to own you" The more I think about it the more it makes...
  2. ngalex

    Why black people's hand and foot so weird?

    Coastal people are retarded, mountain people are based
  3. ngalex

    Overwatch 2 anyone?

    Tracer looks so hot Blizzard could made so much money just doing p🚻rn, why bother Overwatch2? It's literally the exact same game.
  4. ngalex

    >he thinks quantum computers are real

    Did your teeth get whiter?
  5. ngalex

    Where is everybody????

    I never understood why /pol/ would be so stupid as to hate China China is set up by the US just like the soviet union, a sponsored opposition. Are /pol/ tards stupid enough to not realize that? Or people who reply to those threads are just shills? Seriously this is too f🅰️king obvious you think...
  6. ngalex

    Where is everybody????

    Reading the Bible
  7. ngalex

    Bitchute is growing... YouTube is degenerating...

    This is happening to more and more videos on the front page, just uploaded for 10 minutes and it's GONE soon pol will be like: da joos!!!!!!!!
  8. ngalex

    Is the Bible the ultimate pill?

  9. ngalex

    This is it guys the platform has died

    Can't believe so much drama has generated from that video Not supersized to be honest, she's a "victim", everyone wants to take advantage of her victim hood I just don't trust dyed haired bitches...
  10. ngalex


    I hope she's gone this time... to where she belongs...
  11. ngalex

    Why is YouTube so deceitful

    Don't forget Keep choosing "everything is fine" to accelerate the process of deterioration After all, order only emerges after chaos
  12. ngalex

    Guys why am I so poor

    Noooooo way
  13. ngalex

    How come every single YouTuber before Pewdiepie died off while Pewdiepie still lives

    How come every single YouTuber before Pewdiepie died off while Pewdiepie still lives? You answered your own question, because he's parasitic, he doesn't create anything, he copied, the YouTubers before him had to create and burn out.
  14. ngalex

    How come every single YouTuber before Pewdiepie died off while Pewdiepie still lives

    The thumbnails, they call it clickbait. Clickbait? No no no, Clickscam, ClickLie, Liars "Bait" means to use seduction on the victim to achieve a purpose not seen by the victim, to out play, the victim actually gets to have the bait, the fish gets the worm on the hook but it loses its life...
  15. ngalex

    Excuse me what is this?

    how is he a perv
  16. ngalex

    r/dankmemes is gone?

    The sub reddit that used to pander right is now completely left? It still has the remanent pepe pic But the content is trash pro-vax memes? global warming memes? obvious social media commercial memes? Who posts these kinds of memes? These memes have tens of thousands of upvotes but only less...
  17. ngalex

    Hitler finally apologizes!!!

    If you don't have it you can stop pretending, that's not even in the video alright?
  18. ngalex

    Hitler finally apologizes!!!

    What did Hitler do anyways?🤷‍♂️