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This is for what would be otherwise
downvoted by the normies.
Crippical is used to describe normies
that fail to break the filter bubble.
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Normies Detected New

haHAA so funny and relatable!

Normie Court

Normie or not, the court decides

Karma Collection New

Normie ration research. Feed normies what they like, watch them enjoy eating up what you made.

Reverse Karma Collection

The analysis of downvotes. Know what normies don't like, and experiment with them like lab rats.

Troll Base Designers

Spoiler's mirror of Troll Base, where forum members see and discuss the design of their trolling practice in Troll Base, like why did you say what you just said, how you designed this troll.


The status quo of Crippical.org


What do we want?